May 17, 2012

girl in the curious city

Thus far, I have failed in my quest to locate some nice jeans for BDF. My criteria is pretty simple:

  • dark wash
  • no faded wash
  • no crazy back pockets (like fancy embroidered ones)
  • straight leg but still fitted
  • under a hundred ducks
It's pretty hard to find jeans that fit all these criteria bc jeans these days are so skinny & tapered (below)! Not a reasonable fit for a guy with "athletic" thighs. Also, there are some pretty ugly washes out there (below).

I did a quick survey of the fashionable gentlemen in my life, and the common brands seem to be:

  • Levi's
  • Lucky Brand - Lucky Brand jeans all have funky faded washes... 
  • RVCA
Other brands that were mentioned by only 1 person:
The ones I found that fit my criteria that I like are pictured above:
  1. Levi 501s in Classic One, Dimensional Rigid, or Clean Rigid ($60)
  2. Armani Exchange Ludlow
  3. ($79) - even though the styling on the website is gross (happy trail? what the ugly shoes!)
  4. RVCA Heavy Chev Denim ($79)
  5. Acne Mic ($99) - My fave out of these!
But who knows if any of these will actually fit BDF. If I had a butt the size of BDF's, I'm pretty sure I would only have 3 pairs of jeans too.

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