May 7, 2012

stories from the curious city

My weekend was dominated by one thing: Garage Sale.

On my day off, I spent several hours in my parent's old garage cleaning up and preparing for the garage sale. Then I spent Friday evening trying to recover from this, but my back and body were hating me.

On Saturday morning, I woke up at 6 AM and went to my parents' house with my sis and brother in law to set-up for the garage sale. From the minute we got there, people were milling around waiting for us to bring things out. We must have had a couple hundred folks come through over the course of 8 hours.  At first, I was too scared to price things and sent questions over to my brother in law, but then eventually I got the hang of it. I even sold my old bike and will hopefully be putting the money towards the purchase of a new, lighter bike! We sold a ton of stuff, but there's still a lot more to sort through and sell at a later date. It was definitely an experience, and I'm much better prepared for the next one.

Meanwhile in the backyard, the dogs were frolicking and barking at every little thing. Bennet was also tired from all his shenanigans.
[Bennet with my sis]

Then I spent the rest of the weekend trying to recover from the garage sale. I was absolutely exhausted all Saturday and Sunday. I even gave myself a stomachache.

Speaking of which, all of my eats from the weekend are highly recommended: In-N-Out, Hop Li in West LA, and Baek Ha Jung in Koreatown.

P.S. All weekend, I was singing the chorus of this song. Who is Selena Gomez? I like her!!! Don't judge me.

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