May 4, 2012

Will You?

[In the window of a home in Bayou St. John, New Orleans]

Will you vote for Obama this year? I will.
Will we brave the crowd this weekend to watch the Avengers? Maybe just maybe it's worth it. I've been waiting for months!
Will we sell anything on the garage sale on Saturday? I hope so...
Will I get tons of errands done on my day off on Friday! Yes! Dog foodCB2, doggie vaccinations, and cleaning like a madwoman...
Will you click my weekend links?

  • I really like this purse from Fossil in tan & camel, but I think I'll wait for it to go on sale...hoping it will!
  • Look at this coatrack! It reminds me of a tent.
  • Saw these cups in the Anthropologie catalog, and I like 'em. Pretty sure it would be super easy to DIY (Ikea!) Just look up kitchen-safe paint.
  • Researching spas in Las Vegas? Any tips?

See you Monday!

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