May 1, 2012

New Orleans Homes Tour

Before I continue my tour of New Orleans, today I'm making a quick detour to tour some home design details.

I saw a lot of outdoor fern plants. I've never been too fond of ferns - a little to jurassic park feel for me. But, I like the way they look hanging from a balcony or in windows. I'm convinced.

Delicate as lace wrought ironwork is a big feature in New Orleans. As are 2nd floor balconies

The color selection in New Orleans is so much braver than it is anywhere else. I didn't take pictures of the more outrageous ones, but you just become accustomed to it and it starts to look adorable.

Sadly, I kept thinking that the architecture looked so much like a movie. It's a little ridiculous that when I see authentic New Orleans houses, I think of Disneyland, the Truman Show, and movie sets. There's an urban planning college lecture in there somewhere...something about authenticity and the seeming inauthenticity of Hollywood...

Location, location, location. What about a home looking out on the bayou?? I can't imagine anything more attractive than that!

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