June 13, 2012

sex in the curious city

Season 2 - Episode 11: Evolution

I find it ridiculous that basically throughout the whole episode, Carrie struggles with Big not letting her leave stuff at his house. (Yet another episode in which Carrie's neurotic tendencies make me roll my eyes...)

The minute she realizes that he has a problem with her leaving stuff at his place, the alarm bells in Carrie's head should have gone off. Hello!? This guy has issues, and he can't give you what you want!!! Time and time again, Big proves that he is not ready for commitment.

Maybe Big is representative of most men out there, but commitment is not so scary, it's not so bad, and it has a bad rap. Commitment-phobic my ass. Who isn't commitment-phobic? Commitment is scary to EVERYONE. There's nothing really different between a man in a relationship and a man who isn't....except the man in a relationship makes an adult decision to commit to a relationship.

Even buying a car is a commitment, but most guys have cars, no? A mortgage, even rent, is one hell of a financial commitment, but you get a place to live. A relationship is a commitment, but think of all the perks - companionship, love, care, etc. You just have to make a choice! Commitment phobia is nothing but an excuse.

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