June 12, 2012

at home in the curious city

One of the first projects I did when I moved into my place was actually more of an Ikea hack. I once saw a tip from Martha Stewart about using long hooks to organize purses in closets. I've always had a hard time organizing purses: if you put them inside bigger ones, it's a pain when you want to use them; if you put them in a drawer, they fill them up with just a few purses.

I looked around, and back then, I knew the whole Ikea catalog inside out. I remembered this Bygel toilet roll holder. It was perfect!
I used a pencil to mark the holes, drilled holes, and attached the hooks into the wall using anchor screws.

Not too glamorous looking, but it's the best way I've ever seen to organize purses. It might look better if I had a row of Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors purses lined up, no? Haha.

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