June 29, 2012

discover the curious city

This weekend, I'm out camping in Morro Bay. I don't think it's "intense" camping, but I know that I will be in tents... haha get it?! I'm excited to be driving up and down the 101 (versus the 5), bc it's the scenic route.

As for you all who get to lounge around at home, some links:
  • Get your butt to the Zara sale! Which is always better in store than online, but since I won't be here this weekend, I indulged online.
  • Another event that I'll be missing: Grand opening of Crafted at the Port of LA. New indoor craft market that I definitely want to check out.
  • While you're at Zara's at the mall, drop by H&M to see if they still have these in your size.
  • I guess I have camping foods on my mind! These Oreo marshmallows look so good as does this grilled corn on the cob with feta cheese and cilantro lime butter. Oh what deliciousness. Maybe I'll have a chance to make this for the 4th of July.

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