June 1, 2012

discover the curious city

[left: me at the 2010 Shanghai Expo; right: mom climbing the Tibetan mountains]
All of last week, I was getting text messages from a foreign number with pictures like the one above on the right. A few thoughts crossed my mind as these amusing photos of my mom streamed in. 1. How did she get so good at texting? 2. Am I going to get charged a crazy international texting fee? 3. Why am I not in Tibet with her? 4. She totally jacked my signature tipsy pose! Anyway, I am proud of her for taking this trip and surviving it without experiencing any high altitude sickness or hospitalization which I hear is common. I hope to be just as healthy and adventurous in 30 years. So the moral of the story? Get up, get out, and get tipsy. Check out the Hester Street Fair, the famous NY outdoors market that is coming to Hollywood this summer starting this Saturday. Or, Design Sponge just did a Long Beach city guide that looks enticing. Better yet, plan a trip to Tibet.

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