July 19, 2012

discover the curious city

A couple of friends and I had this discussion about what food we would choose to eat for the rest of our lives if we were stuck on an island. Potatoes, rice or eggs were all thrown out as the hypothetical food of choice. But I said cheese. Imagine how happy I was to find Heywood gourmet grilled cheese shoppe pop up in my neighborhood, right next to my favorite cupcake shop Lark
Heywood has really unexpected bread and cheese combinations. We tried the Bon Appetite Brie which combines brie, raisin bread, fig jam, and raspberry sugar because we couldn't decide between sweet or savory. Good job we did because it satiated both cravings and had me wanting more. Each sandwich is around $11 which may seem pricey but the cheeses are gourmet and comes with a side of salad and tomato soup. 

I want to try every sandwich on the menu. Anyone with me?


I've driven by Short Order tons of time, but never gave it a second thought. Foodie friend, Susanne, visited last weekend and wanted to try Short Order.  Short Order is a burger spot. I appreciate the Burger with all my heart - Islands, In n Out, the Counter - I can't ever get enough.

Short Order is located in the 3rd Street Farmer's Market. We actually braved it on a Friday night. My advice: don't believe the "parking full" signs! Just charge in, and you'll find a spot somewhere.

We waited 0 seconds before we were seated bc we were okay with sitting at a counter type of spot, looking out into the lovely parking lot. (How LA is that.)

Their menu is diverse, from your standard burger, all the way to salads and rafts. A raft? That's exactly what we asked Christian Bale, our doppelganger waiter.
As you can see, a raft is nothing but an open faced burger that makes up for the loss of half a bun with lard. Oh fine, it's called lardon. Those sneaky french people can make even lard sound romantic!

I went the tried and true method, with an Old School Burger.
You can almost always get me when the burger has "secret sauce." Their secret sauce seemed similar to In-N-Out in its ketchup/mayo-ness, but minus the relish.

What blew my mind was the SHAKE. W-O-W. I got the chocolate chip (cookie dough?), which was the special. SO DELICIOUS. The consistency was good, the chunks of chocolate were good, and the base vanilla shake was yum to the max.

Two very unpicky thumbs up for Short Order. Short Order is more of a date night sort of spot. The prices are higher than say In-N-Out (what isn't?), but they really care about sourcing their ingredients locally. 

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