August 27, 2012

stories from the curious city

A lovely Saturday with Junette and her bridesmaids. It began with the most delectable spread of breakfast delights, followed by playful lounging with Luna and Bennet, and ended with a stroll down Mt. Washington in search of fresh seafood tacos from Rico's taco truck. I didn't know being a bridesmaid could be so fun, but maybe I should hold that thought until the manual labor ensues. Also, no bridezilla moments to report this you Junette!


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” - George Bernard Shaw. It's true - my best girl friends and I share that sincere and everlasting love of food (and shoes). I asked four of them to be my bridesmaids. Choosing amongst a number of good friends and family  was such a difficult decision! I wanted to ask everybody! Eventually BDF and I settled on 4 each for the bridal party. I felt like 4 bridesmaids is extravagant, but I've promised myself that I will put them to work and thereby make 4 a reasonable number. Lucky them...

My brilliant matron-of-honor tricked them into a planning meeting by enticing them with brunch.

And plan we did. Topics on the agenda? Bachelorette party, bridal shower, and more parties. Serious stuff here! It's not life or death, but event planning is no easy task. I'm so glad that this brunch/meeting happened because the wedding & associated events are much closer than we realized! It was also a great way to put everything out on paper and visualize all the tasks and events.

But apparently planning is a pretty boring task. How rude, Luna! We did discuss some fun topics - shoes for one, and activities for the bachelorette party! And, I had some time to go over the nitty gritty details - the wedding day schedule for example.

Up til now, the wedding planning process has rested mostly on my shoulders, and I had mostly forgotten about the bachelorette party and bridal shower. I think if I had to plan those too, I would probably quit my job or maybe quit being a bride (city hall wedding, any one?). I'm grateful for all the help I can get. My mentality has been to not overburden my bridesmaids, and given the time I spend in front of the computer + my need for affirmation, I've sent relatively few emails about wedding ideas and details.  I realized that I do need to utilize my slaves bridesmaids, but I'll do so in the guise of fun activities: pizza + wine night, etc. Tasks I have reluctantly decided to depend on my bridesmaids for:
   -wedding invitation assembly & mailing
   -program assembly
   -wedding favor assembly

I'm sure as the wedding draws near (how can time move so slow and yet so fast?), I will panic and throw much more to them. I love crafting so much that i feel so reluctant to turn over some tasks tot he bridesmaids. But, here are some tasks I should probably ask for help with, but I'm still clinging to:
   -putting together florals / decorations
   -spray painting vases
   -thrifting vases
   -painting tablecloths
   -photobooth background

And after working our brains so hard, we were hungry again! So, off to find some Mexican food.

I am so grateful for a full stomach, true friends, and a wedding about which I can complain to said true friends.

Anyone else out there have a tough time choosing bridesmaids? What's the best way you've seen to coordinate your bridesmaids? What sorts of tasks are you delegating?

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  1. It was fun having everyone over! I love having an excuse to get together and eat and talk. Looking forward to the next one :)