August 1, 2012

sex in the curious city

Sex and the City Season 2, Episode 13: Games People Play
We watched the episode together and had a little chat afterwards about some of the interesting behaviors displayed by Samantha and Carrie. Turns out, we do them too...


Whoa I got caught! How did you know! :MC

I started watching a lot of TV that I wouldn't usually watch because of him. In college it was 24. I got so much anxiety from watching it that I couldn't sleep at night. :MC

It was because it was time shared together and we'd make an event out of it, like prepare dinner together and watch TV kinda thing. :MC

Now I enjoy TV. We watch Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones...I even got into anime for a little, but then I stopped, had to draw the line somewhere. :MC

WHAT ABOUT YOU miss faker?! :MC

Very true, just need to get your feet wet first. :MC

Has he taken you minigolfing? :MC

What was the bet/penalty? :MC

WELCHER. That's what antony calls me when I don't follow up on a bet. :MC

In the episode, Carrie starts dating a fellow therapy patient. After a date, she invites him back to her apartment and they start playing the game Twister. Twister was obviously a kind of foreplay...what kind of "games" do you play that spices up the relationship? :MC

So by makeup and dressing up it's like role play. :MC

HAHHAA thats like lifetimes ago. :MC

He only admitted to doing it once on purpose to gauge if I really liked him or not. I caved. I totally went to find him in the lounge where he was reading/napping. I was so weak... :MC
JS: In the episode, Samantha is turned on by the guy bc he's so into basketball. Suddenly she's a fan of the Knicks too! What are some things you adopted bc of ANTONY. And by adopt, I mean fake an interest in...

JS: Because I'm guilty too

: Was it worth it?

JS: We watch Walking Dead too, but I had to reject Game of Thrones after 2 episodes.

JS: In the past, I watched UFC bc of an ex, but I actually did develop interest in it. Like most things, once you learn the basics, it can actually become fun.

JS: I have a feeling that I will be put in a similar situation with golf soon. BDF LOVE LOVES golf but up til now, I've been safe bc of my back injury. Now that I'm getting better, I may have to start "developing" an interest in it.

JS: YES. It was our first Valentine's Day (my genius idea). We made a bet, and he WON. what kind of guy wins on Valentine's day!?! He's supposed to lose on purpose!!!

JS: Giving the dogs a bath. I refused to do it in the end, bc that's not what you're supposed to do on Valentine's Day. Chivalry is dead!

JS: Well, there are a lot of "games" you play in a relationship when you fight...sort of like strategy. But to spice things up.. it's more about my personal state of mind, so if I feel gross then nothing's exciting. But if I dress up, put on makeup (not that he notices... EVER), and we go out then it's more exciting than the everyday mundane hanging out at home.

JS: It's like a "game" of dress up in a nonkinky way

JS: I don't think we really play games any more. In the beginning of the relationship is more when the games are abundant. Don't you remember, liking Antony in the beginning? I remember that. We would analyze all the details.

JS: Does he admit he did played the waiting/ignoring game on PURPOSE?

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