August 3, 2012

at home in the curious city

The best part about my bedroom is the big built-in closet which spans the length of a wall and has a vanity area carved out in the center. Of the 8 drawers, 3 cabinets, and 2 closets of storage space, Antony is allotted one drawer. Don't feel bad for him though because even with all that space, I still have clothes spewing out into every corner of the room. However, I do have my makeup and accessories semi organized and under control.
A. This ceramic tray is a really handy catch-all because the ripples can hold various accessories
B. Junette made this cute ceramic bathtub for me back in high school. I use it to hold tools like tweezers and nail clippers.
C. I love candles so they're scattered all around my room
D. Picked up this wood block while hiking in Palm Springs. I use it to display my favorite jewelry of the moment - currently it's this funky doll bracelet.
E. See below for the contents of these 4 drawers
A. Basket holding larger makeup products
B. This plastic container with movable dividers is from Ikea. I like that you can customize the compartments to fit different sized items/makeup.
C. Travel bag packed with my makeup essentials
A. More travel bags
B. This plastic container is from The Container Store. It holds lipstick, nail polish, and travel-sized products perfectly
A. Belts are coiled up or folded instead of hung for visibility and because all the hanging space in the closet is reserved for clothes
B. Gloves, mittens, and beanies
A. Undergarments/tank tops are folded and placed side by side so that I can see them more easily than if they were stacked on top of each other
B. Silk scarves are folded and placed flat because they are too delicate to be hung

1. Use containers to store smaller items and to control clutter
2. Contained but visible - make sure you can still see it or else you won't use it
3. Containers can be used as decor or to display items

Let's be honest. I don't spend very much time in the kitchen. Lately with the self-imposed crafting regime I've undertaken for the wedding, I cook at home an average of .5 times a week. I'm disappointed in myself.

In an effort to boost my time in the kitchen, I re-organized the storage in my kitchen. Martha Stewart and all other interior design bloggers berated me into believing that when my kitchen is enjoyable to be in and more user-friendly, I'll use it more. They better be right.

The issues:
  • Limited storage!!
  • Extreme lack of drawer space
  • Corner cabinets that are hard to reach
  • Unused upper cabinets
  • Cluttered countertops

I reorganized according to:
  • Frequency of use - things I use less often like baking pans went up into higher spaces.
  • Logical proximity - spices went near the stove bc duh you reach for olive oil and spices as you cook over the stove. Similarly, flour and baking stuffs went into the largest and cabinets closest to the flat space on which I prep for baking.
  • Cleared the counter - I moved less frequently used appliances up above the sink.
  • Gave space where space was due - things like tupperware cannot be stored inside each other. It turns into a big mess when you try to use the large container and you have to put all the little ones somewhere.
  • Unity - I put like with like. Appliances and gadgets together, tupperware together, baking items together, etc. 

I know the before shots are pretty frightening. I am pretty happy with the progress. At last the counter is clear! It turns out all I needed was a plan/diagram, which I drew out ahead of time. Once I stepped in the kitchen it was easy to rearrange.

It's a start, but in the long term, I hope to:
  • change the overhead lighting. (80s light box! oh the horror!!)
  • add artwork over the sink (it's in the works)
  • paint the cabinets (light grey)
  • replace the dishwater with a working one
  • replace the trash compactor with storage
  • add freestanding storage
  • change the hideous flooring
  • change out the tile countertop (maybe Corian or butcher block)
A long list of plastic surgery for my homely little kitchen...

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