August 16, 2012

girl in the curious city

Miki: My parents bring home a new friend for me every time they come back from a trip. I have many friends, but my best friend is Yangtze #7. He came from far, far away. I like Yangtze because he is the most similar to me. We both have beady eyes, soft white fur, and superpowers.

Miki and Yangtze's friendship began 4 years ago when we brought the plush doll back from its native Yangtze River. Ever since, they have become inseparable. Everyday we find Yangtze in a new corner of the apartment. Hide and seek never gets old for them.

Bennet: My sister and I like to fight over stuffed Zazu and Mufasa. We chewed up young Mufasa's ears. That's okay, because Mufasa is bad. Zazu isn't really my favorite, but when my sister comes over to play, she likes to carry him around. When she does that, it suddenly makes me want to play with Zazu too.

I adopted Bennet in November 2009, and his favorite is stuffed animals. I've had these McDonald Happy Meal toys since 3rd grade when the Lion King was in theaters. They used to serve as Christmas tree ornaments, but I gave them to Bennet last Christmas.

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