August 15, 2012

girl in the curious city

A sort of disordered and unintentional family heirloom. My mother's older sister knitted this vest in the 70s when she was in her 20s. It skipped my mom and was passed down to her younger sister who wore it in the 80s. A decade later, my grandmother found it while cleaning the house in Taiwan and brought it to America during a visit. My mom welcomed it into her closet and it resided there for the next 15 years. I came home one summer during college to help my mom clear out the house because she was moving to Shanghai. There it was, mine to take. I always wonder how these influential women in my life wore this vest, where they wore it to, and who they were with at that moment. I've collected a few stories of my own to share when I pass it on one day.

I can tell by the plastic mold inside this Balenciaga box that it originally housed some expensive perfumes or lotions. It was my grandmother's, and I hoarded it for years because I loved - still love - containers and boxes. Now, it holds something more precious - my grandmother's scent. Somehow, as she used it through the years to hold other things, it collected her scent. I hide it away in my closet, and I open it maybe once a year to remember her smell and to remember... her.

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