September 11, 2012

girl in the curious city

This summer my repeat ensemble (left) included a pair of leather shorts and a pair of leather sandals. I know leather doesn't typically scream summer, but I like that it is wrinkle free and durable. The long loose quality of the shorts make it very breathable and the heel on the sandal gives some extra height, which every girl can appreciate. I got the shorts last year at Anthropologie, but you can find similar ones online right now. This one from Pepe Jeans and this one from River Island are both nice and affordable.

Leather transitions seamlessly into fall (right). The neutral colors and worn quality make it easy to layer other pieces on top. Like a sleeveless jacket - a useful fall piece for when the weather isn't too frigid to demand that full blown wool coat. I'm wearing one by Edun from The Outnet. I'd like to get one in denim like this Rag & Bone and this Diesel, but ouch the price. I also like the simplicity of this cotton one from ASOS and the slouchiness of this knitted one.

What summer pieces can't you let go of and how will you bring them into fall?

Besides a few of the extreme days, most of the year in Los Angeles is either warm or cool. Let's be real: for me, I only really transition my clothes twice a year - from spring/summer into fall/winter and from fall/winter into spring/summer. Luckily, living in Los Angeles has meant that clothes are more versatile and wearable throughout all the seasons. I just follow a couple of basic guidelines during the (hopefully) soon-to-come cooler fall days. It's all about addition!
Add Tights!
I prefer wearing skirt/top combinations. Maybe it's the years of wearing uniforms, but I find skirts more comfortable than anything. The skirt/top combo works well for the fall, if you just add tights. Voila.
L-R: My favorite simple but durable tights from Target. Jump on the lace bandwagon with these Forever 21 tights. Cute polka dots from Asos.

Add Boots!
I love being able to reintroduce boots to my wardrobe. If you wear it in the summer, you look crazy, but in the fall, they're just perfect. This year, I'm on the hunt for some riding boots.
L-R: Comfy ClarksJust bought these Corso Como boots - we'll see how they are. Sleek Enzo Angiolinis. 

Add layers!
I love cardigans. In recent years, I've been made fun of too much for always wearing cardigans, so I've tried to cut back on buying them... but my allegiance will always be the the cardigan. I know that pullover sweaters are "in" this year, but I don't like how they make you look like a shelf in the chest area, and I feel bulky in them. Cardigans give you options! Open, closed, 1 button, 2 button... see? Also, you can't go wrong with a classic trench. I bought one similar to the one pictured last year. When you layer it over a cardigan, which is layered over jeans and a top, it adds some femininity. When you wear it over a skirt/top combo, it's cute to have a little bit of the skirt peek out at the bottom.
L-R: Giraffe-y cardigan from Madewell. Trench from H&M.

Now go brush up on your arithmetic! I can already tell the nights are getting colder!

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