October 31, 2012

girl in the curious city

I'm finally back in LA from my whirlwind vacation. It feels good to be home. There's something comforting about the mundane like going to Trader Joe's to get groceries for the week and swiffering an inch of dust off my bedroom floor. I was surprised I came back with all luggage intact. No overweight charges or busted zippers from this shopaholic. Most of my buys were little bottles of skin food.

I picked up some lavender oil when I was in New Zealand. I've been wanting to get some ever since my yoga teacher placed a few drops in the palm of my hands during Shavasana. The ultimate rejuvenation. Lavender oil is highly therapeutic, aromatic, and healing for the skin.

I became obsessed with the marvels of manuka honey during my travels. It is produced by bees from the nectar of manuka trees which are native to New Zealand. It all began when I desperately purchased manuka lip balm on a crisp, dry day in Queenstown. My chapped lips were immediately hydrated. Now I find myself applying it addictively even without dry lips. The obsession later led me to buy several jars of pure manuka honey and boxes of manuka chocolates...

When we first arrived in Rotorua, we were slapped with a gust of stench which unfortunately lingers on forever. The smell of rotten eggs galore is courtesy of the city's volcanic geothermic parks, mud pools, and hot thermal springs. However, thermal mud is very good for the skin. The mud naturally contains silica which is essential for skin's elasticity and zinc which helps control oil production. My skin has never felt softer after using the mud mask I purchased.

Finally, I couldn't come home without visiting the Aesop store in Austrialia. I've been dying to try their skincare products for a long time so duh it had to be done. The Immediate Moisture Facial Hydrosol spray saved my skin from the stuffy, arid, air conditioned, hours-on-end airplane voyages. Damn them and bless Aesop.

I love subscriptions because they combine my love of surprises with my love of snail mail. If you've ever come over to my house, you may have noticed a tower of (mostly unread) magazines. There's been a low murmur about beauty subscription boxes, and when I finally decided to investigate, I found Goodebox through a Refinery 29 review. I chose to subscribe to Goodebox because I wanted to be introduced to more natural beauty products and it also gave me more bang for my buck.

My first Goodebox consisted of samples of  (clockwise from top left):
  • Clairvoyant Beauty Balancing Rosehip Oil and Hibiscus Facial Serum: I tried out the facial serum one night, and the consistency is surprising - almost like aloe vera. I'll be trying it out more regularly once I run out of my current serum.
  • Celtic Complexion Calming Serum: I gave this sample to someone who has been experiencing more breakouts that me, but the ingredients make a lot of sense - chamomile, lavender, and various oils.
  • Savvy Boheme Summer in Spain Whipped Cocoa Butter: This smells so delicious, and that is not just my inner pig talking. Wow, I really wanted to lick it. It even looks like ice cream - soft and creamy!
  • Eve Organics Lip Glaze: I really like this color. It's more coral in real life, and I think it matches with my dark skin tone. Goodebox asks you questions about your skin tone, skin type, etc.
  • Eve Organics Lip Plumper Lip Gloss: I tried this out on my mom (it was hilarious), and it really works. I am not in need of it since I already have big juicy lips, so anyone out there want it?
  • Sugared Beauty Happy Face Foaming Scrub Cleanser: I feel nervous about using a scrub cleanser because I heard it can damage your fragile skin, so I'll do a little more research before trying it. It's a pretty good amount of it too.
  • Anatomy Naturals Revitalizing Dead Sea Mud Mask: I am the most excited to try this one out. I'm saving it to try out with my sister!
Overall, I'm really pleased with my decision to subscribe to Goodebox. Though everything is sample sized, there's more than enough to last you a long while. Plus you don't have to risk buying the regular size and then hating it. FUN!

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