November 2, 2012

discover the curious city

It is highly uncharacteristic of me to not do any extensive foodie due diligence before traveling to a new city. So we were lucky to stumble upon Fergburger on our first day in Queenstown. It's actually not hard to miss because it's the only place with hoards of people queuing up outside.
Ferg prides itself on size. The burgers are seriously about the size of my head, as demonstrated above. This place was so satiating we went back for a second round later that week. On the menu are beef, deer, lamb, pork belly, cod, chicken, and tofu burgers to hit whatever spot needs to be hit. Of course I had to get the cod burger, whose flaky/crunchy combination hit my spot many times over...ding-ding-ding!

I read about Prado on Yelp earlier this week, and the menu sounded delicious. On Yelp, it's listed as a "Caribbean" restaurant, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it features food from all the Americas. Pretty cool concept! When our Halloween plans fell through, BDF went out for dinner before starting a long night of wedding planning tasks.

The decor was interesting to say the least. The painted ceilings are more of what you might see in an Italian restaurant, but I did like the slightly mismatched silverware and dinnerware.

Prado has a cozy feel, and maybe 15 tables in side and about 4 outside on the sidewalk. Overall, the restaurant is nice, without feeling too stuffy or unapproachable. You can dress up (oh boy, let me tell you about one patron who was dress in a one-armed white dress, and it was not a Halloween costume), or you can dress casually without feeling out of place.

I am happy to report that the food was very tasty, and the portions were generous. I ordered the Pollo Negro, the specialty of the house, and it was slightly garlicky and topped with pineapples. The sides were also good, and I especially liked the salad / coleslaw. Yes, it was better than KFC's, but that's a little like comparing apples with oranges. Greedy BDF ordered the Latin sampler, and licked his plate clean.

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