November 6, 2012

stories from the curious city


For our wedding invitations, I was inspired by the custom invitations for which Rifle Paper Co. is known, especially this one.

For the mini-me's, I first drew and painted us. I was frustrated because it turned out pretty splotchy, ugly, and amateur-ish. I decided to dump the paint-and-scan method and use Illustrator and Photoshop to make the graphics a little sharper and less "DIY."

I spent a few happy days scrolling through various fonts until I found the right ones. I ultimately decided on Geotica Three ($0!) and Antrokas. The insert (not pictured) took elements of the striped paper in this invitation suite and a great song by KC & the Sunshine Band - Boogie Shoes. That's all I'll say about that for now. I can't reveal much more about the invitations though... until after the big day. I don't want no wedding crashers. After I finished designing the invitations, I printed them on Vistaprint using a Groupon deal I bought earlier in the summer.

As for the envelope, I wanted to line it with some paper that I would stamp with star shapes, but I thought it would be too messy and decided against it. I made a liner template, and my mom cut the dark blue papers on her industrial strength cutter at work. The bridesmaids kindly helped me glue the liners into place. I used regular envelopes, and stamped our address on the back using a custom stamp I designed and ordered on Vistaprint. They also helped me stick the labels I bought on Online Labels and printed at home.

Our wedding is a little bit different from some traditional weddings because we have 3 parts: ceremony, dinner reception, and partytime. Not all of the adults, like our parents' friends, would want to go to the party, so we added a little insert with more information on the party. For the invitations that would include that extra insert, I was deciding between a paper band like this or paper clips. Paper clips might be a little tacky, but not these heart-shaped ones. I originally saw the idea on design sponge a million years ago and bookmarked it for a future project.

After all that labor, I forced my bridesmaids to think about their day-of hairstyles and tested some out on them. We also had a serious discussion about hosiery, and no, we didn't go with "Gangnam Style" socks.

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