October 12, 2012

at home in the curious city

The easiest DIY inspired by Susan's studio:
Besides all the cool and quirky tchotchkes along her bookshelf, I noticed these soda bottles she used as candle holders. I love the idea especially because I love candles and I already save wine bottles for displaying flowers as seen here. So I bought some tapered candles from Target and gave it a go. I was afraid the wax would drip and make a mess so I set the glass bottles on two small dishes. Below is a picture of the shelf on my desk where I set it up. Success!

Like my parents, I live in the smog-dusted center of the city. My dad loves gardening, and he has taken to contained gardening since he lost his backyard. I was inspired to clean up my patio and add some more greenery.

A view of my parents' patio. (I asked my dad if he works out with the rusty barbell, but he said no. Haha.)

I rearranged my existing plants, pulled off dead leaves, swept up the patio, gave the plants a good watering, and replanted many of them. I also added a new succulent from a plant I always see when walking Bennet. It's a pretty eggplant colored one. I haven't planted it yet, because I have to let it callous to prevent rot. (Try googling cutting/propagation of succulents.) Unfortunately, I do not have a very green thumb, and I am excellent at killing plants. Let's hope these guys can flourish through the oh-so harsh California seasons and the infrequent/unpredictable waterings I will give.

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