October 4, 2012

girl in the curious city

The episode of Sex and the City that we just watched got us imagining about perfectly quirky families. Here are the families we would make if we had to pick new members.


Grace Coddington would be my brilliantly creative mother. She is full of spirit and passion. She is a lover of fashion, photography, and cats - my three favorite things. Plus I'd get to see issues of Vogue before any one else!

John Lennon would be my dad, an activist, musician and dreamer. I always wish I were more musical. Added bonus, my uncles would be the Beatles!

I would be the ultra stylish Taylor Tomasi Hill. She is expressive, playful and eccentric. She makes me smile. If nothing else, I'd want to put a smile on people's faces.

Ai Weiwei would be my brother. The rebel artist who is all about f* the government. He is smart, cool, and above all a humanitarian.


Roald Dahl would be my dashing dear old dad, full of exciting stories from his time as an intelligence officer. The intrigue! Imagine, Roald Dahl writing books for you personally! Maybe Matilda would have been about me ; )

Julia Child would be my jolly mother always experimenting in the kitchen and instilling a deep appreciation for butter in me. I also admire the quiet revolution in cooking that she brought upon American kitchens by fearlessly entering the man's realm of Le Cordon Bleu. An accidental feminist?

Florence Knoll would be my chic sister. I just read about Florence Knoll, and wow what a huge effect on the design world she had! What a lovely woman and with a sharp design sense to boot! I would go over and steal all her furniture to stash in my house bc sisters always share!

Jane Jacobs would be yours truly as the truest of true urban planners. I would be a true activitist fighting The Man and protecting real neighborhoods!! And college students everywhere reading my theories on cities? Swoon!

Images: R.D. / J.C. / F.K. / J.J.

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