January 29, 2013

stories from the curious city

Junette and BDF's wedding came and went, sweeping all of us off of our feet. We are lucky to have been in their wake. Congratulations and godspeed to the two of you.
Our wedding was definitely a labor of love... with an emphasis on labor. Of the many DIY projects, the most collaborative one was the mini golf course.

It all started when I saw this wedding on Martha Stewart Weddings and thought it was so cute. It came up again when we started planning our wedding because we wanted something fun to represent each of us. I chose to do a Paint-by-Numbers station and I thought mini golf would be perfect for BDF.

BDF took charge of building the 4 holes, and I made the buildings and structures to represent some landmarks in our relationship. I used cardboard boxes reinforced with duct tape as the base. Then I wrapped the boxes with paper. I tried to make it as seamless as possible, so I used gift wrap. I cut out letters and added decorative features to represent the buildings as closely as possible. Let's just say I took a lot of artistic license.

How do you think I did?

The buildings were only a small part of the mini golf course though. Let's not forget the putting greens themselves! BDF put in even more work than I did and had the cleanest execution. I was very impressed!

By the time you see this post, this mini golf course will have been golfed the heck out and hopefully my  structures will have survived the beating of many bad golfers. Oh and one small thing, by the time you see this I'll be hitched! Hurrah for DIY weddings!

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  1. I LOVES THE WEDDING!! Junette, you were the most beautiful bride, I have ever seen! I thought everything was amazing, and I especially loved the story that went along with the mini-golf!! All of you guys deserve many props! ^^