January 23, 2013

at home in the curious city

Today on Apartment Therapy's January Cure, the task is to Cleanout Bathroom and Medicine Cabinets.

The exercise of cleaning out the bathroom made me realize that I'm a hoarder of all things sample or travel sized. It probably relates to my other problem of collecting little cute things, which I'm trying to phase myself out of at the moment.
I set the trash can in the middle of the bathroom floor and started tossing bottles and tubes into it like a mad woman. Expired, smells funny, a little bit of product left but really not worth my time/space, parabens, wrong color, etc. were some of the reasons why products found themselves in the trash pile above.

By sorting through all of that, I actually found a few long forgotten items like my Benefit Dr. FeelGood Buffing Lip Beads and Crest Whitestrips. Score!

My bathrooms have a lot of (ugly) storage. Underneath the sink, there's ample storage in the cabinets. My bathrooms also have handy built in cabinets, which aren't too beautiful, but January is all about organizing. Organizing > aesthetics. My big problem, as usual, is that I wasn't maximizing the storage efficiently.

So, as suggested by Apartment Therapy, I purged all the bottles cluttering up the space. I used the "last year" rule and threw out anything I hadn't used in the last year  - things like hair curl gel (??) and old unused face masks.

I was left with some fairly sparse cabinets (the nearly empty one is BDF's bc he hasn't fully moved in yet).

It was nice to have everything grouped together, but one thing was driving me INSANE. All the little bottles kept falling out. Finally, I found the perfect sized containers and my sanity was restored.

No more escaping bottles! And underneath the sink, I took Apartment Therapy's advice again and sorted like with like. Overall, I feel very organized and I like that everything is still accessible!

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