January 22, 2013

at home in the curious city

Yesterday on Apartment Therapy's January Cure, the task was to Get Papers and Files in Order.

Architects hate boxes. We often precede it with the word dumb ie "what a dumb box" when referring to a building. Same concept as calling someone square. Well, today I shall praise the dumb box.
The first pest that clutters my workspace and life is receipts. I alternate between three bags, each hoarding a slew of these little papers. Anytime I reach my hands into a bag, a receipt or two comes flying out. This becomes problematic at the end of the month when I have to do bills for the three of us in the apartment because I'm losing or misplacing them left and right. The box, in this case a tin cookie box, has become ground zero for my receipts. If I find one hanging out on my desk or lingering in a bag, I banish it to this box. So here's a tip, consolidate!
The second obstacle: bills/statements. I'm grateful that most companies now offer online paperless statements but for those documents that you need to keep a hard copy of, use a filing box. It organizes the papers by folder with labels. I know it's not a new concept but your desk will thank you.
Finally - the evil stack of mail. I wish I could press the spam button on all the trash we get. Our apartment receives mail for the three of us plus my parents because they live overseas, plus the tenants that used to live here. I got this cute rack a while ago to help control the chaos. It's like a sliced up box where each person gets a slot for their mail. Once it's full, each person is responsible to empty out their part. Of course I'm responsible for myself and the 10 other people that don't live here...

I used to use the wet bar area of my kitchen to serve as a pseudo-office. It was creating too much visual clutter, especially since the open layout of our place allows guests to peek into the kitchen and wet bar. I decided to create a little office/craft area in the spare bedroom, using furniture and tools I already had. I repurposed this extra table to serve as a desk, and I transformed a dresser that was no longer being used due to my closet re-do into a office supply/storage unit.

A few years ago, I purchased these bins from the Container Store to organize my paperwork. I have 3 bins: condo stuff, financial stuff, and other. I created files for each bank account, credit card, etc., and that really helps me stay organized. They were starting to explode, so I went through and sent all the old financial docs, etc. to be shredded with BDF.

Although the space is still a work in progress, I like having a permanent sewing set-up. I hope to eventually get the artwork onto the walls, but for now, Gregory Peck and Johnny Depp stare up at me as I sew or do the bills. Creepers!

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