January 3, 2013

discover the curious city

NYE weekend was spent at my cousin Jennifer and her boyfriend Hiroshi's cabin in Big Bear. So many firsts on this trip - experiencing snowfall, Prius tire chain failure, incurring extreme snowboarding injuries, dslr lens detaching/plunging into the snow... I couldn't have wished for more.
Our backyard was an endless white forest. I spotted deer tracks and walked along a frozen stream. We wanted to go sledding at Alpine Slide (infamous for doughnut tubing in various people formations) but the lines were too unkind. Instead we carved out our own sledding course in the backyard.
Snowboarding at Snow Summit depreciated the body but invigorated the spirit. Our snowman agrees.
By nightfall, the below 20 degree weather forced us to huddle by the fire and drink ghastly amounts of alcohol. The things we do in the name of celebration!
Like last year, we went away on a winter trip. This year we went to the high desert of Joshua Tree. Actually, I'm not sure what "high" desert means, or if it's an oxymoron, but it just sounds fitting.

We spent one day in Joshua Tree National Park, which is beautiful despite being in a desert. The rock formations and greenery are different from any other environment that I've ever seen. After several research sessions, we settled on the Lost Horse hike.

After passing the old mine, we started our descent and saw these Martian-like views. It really felt like another planet.

All the plants looked like they were once underwater plants that evolved into desert plants.

I slightly regret not taking advantage of our acres of land, but it was so cold! I did step out a few times, and I even captured a colorful sunset. And the moon - the moon is so bright out in the desert! Back in our cabin, we did a lot of movie-watching, eating, laying around, and most importantly - dog whispering. Yes, those are 3 dogs laying on or around me.

While on the way home, we found a few treasures in the thrift stores along 29 Palms Highway. I scored with brass candlesticks and vintage Pyrex bowls. I saw the potential in this beautiful office chair. Imagine it reupholstered! But I sadly decided not to force everyone to be jammed into the car in order to fit my new old chair. Sad. That whole area of Yucca Valley/29 Palms/Joshua Tree is an interesting (read: kind of sad) mix of commercialized chain stores and remnants of the past with drool-worthy signage.


  1. At first I didn't see Smash cause he fit so perfectly camouflaged btw you and BDF so I thought when you said "3 dogs" it included BDF haha.