March 22, 2013

girl in the curious city

LA's first Topshop/Topman opened up last month at the Grove and we were eager to throw our hard earned money at them. Here's what we got for our spring wardrobes:

I was at Topshop for 2.5 hours and left with one item. So many things were out of my size and the guilt associated with purchasing a pair of $150 jeans (though beautifully embroidered) contributed to the meager haul. Just as my anxiety started to kick in, I came across a white cropped sweater and my cost-per-wear light bulb began to flicker.
Versatility and simplicity with a slight peculiarity makes it a good buy. I know it will take me from weekend lounging and errands to 9 to 5 work wear to a night out with the girls. The cropped length and boxy shape of the sweater lets me play with proportions while the color provides the perfect pairing with everything else. The only thing it doesn't do is cover my bloated face. Does a bad face day warrant weirdo poses and hair sniffing? Seemed so at the time.

Lounge (left): Topshop sweater, Gotha silk shorts, Prada knockoff platform brogues
Work (center): Topshop sweater, Anthro shirt, Helmut Lang trousers, Miu Miu heels
Party (right): Topshop sweater, vintage leather skirt, Acne Terra pumps

The three outfits above are pretty minimal and straightforward but can easily get a boost from the right accessories. Also I know spring is all about the floral print, but I prefer it with more delicacy like this lace top (left), in small doses like this belt (center), or in a pared down print like these shorts (right).

Topshop definitely has fashion forward clothes, but most of the clothes are too trendy for me. I knew I would feel strange wearing them in a few years, and I try not to make such wasteful purchases. I wanted to find pieces that I love, but unfortunately I only came away with one thing: a skirt.

This isn't just any skirt though, it's an I'm Too Sexy for my Skirt. (Sing it!) I was thrilled to find a this maxi skirt in the petite section, because I've been pining for maxi skirts/dresses but haven't found any to work with my short legs.
The skirt is versatile, but obviously a little too sexy for work. (Check out dem legs!) The material is similar to jersey, so it has a nice comfortable stretchiness as well as a little bit of clinging action.  I envision throwing the skirt with a t-shirt on a Saturday when I'm running around doing errands. I also plan to wear the skirt when I go out with a fun top and even more fun shoes. I'm thinking a platform sandal and

This is definitely a spring skirt that can go in between different types of weather and it's fun! Winter clothes are serious and solid, but spring is when you can bring in the patterns and adventurous material. This skirt is winter from the front, but spring on the slitted sides.

Also, I'm convinced that bracelets are making a come back... either that or I just recently noticed how much I like them! I included a bracelet with each outfit.

[LEFT] t-shirt from Everlane, bracelet from Baublebar, the perfect summer sandals from shopbop
[RIGHT] top from zara, bracelet from Michael Kors, earrings from Baublebar (which I plan to buy tonight!), sandals by Madison Harding

P.S. Note how in the Topshop the wearer of the skirt has a little pooch. Hehe. I appreciate that even for a moment, Topshop has recognized the average woman's little (or big in my case) variations in body.

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