April 3, 2013

girl in the curious city

KFL: Anthony made the green little castle when he was a child and took it with him to the dorms when he went to college. I even remember seeing it on his desk filled with paper clips and coins.

The black bear, I made in ceramics class in high school and I too brought it with me to the dorms. It did make a handy paper weight, and at one time door stop.

The little castle and black bear first met when we merged all of our belongings after our wedding. Each had a chipped piece by then and they belong together.

Two apartments and a lot of purging later we still carry these items with us. Maybe not so intentionally as unintentionally. It's primitive form and construction reminds us of our childlike creativity. I guess there is something about an object we made with our hands that makes it sentimental.

Krista and I met in high school and became close friends when we both joined the swim team and got assigned to the same lane. We shed many tears together in those burgundy bathing suits. Krista went onto USC where she studied architecture and met her husband Anthony. They had baby Clive a year and a half ago and live together in a new apartment in El Segundo. See them here a year ago at my housewarming party. Krista and Anthony are one of the most creative couples I know with the keenest designer slash bargain hunter eyes and repurposing skills. Krista will open up her doors and take us on a tour of her place later this week.

CK: The best part of my house is being able to have my dog, Archie. I adopted Archie two and a half years ago through Cuddly Canines, a rescue organization, after I fell in love with him at first sight. He is definitely a handful (as you can tell from all the blurry pictures), but it's all completely worth it when he greets me every morning and night with SO much excitement and joy. Archie would love to have a doggy play date!!

Cindy and I have known each other for 15+? years when we were giddy junior high schoolers (Wow that's a long time!!!). Although I might complain that my dog, family, (new husband), etc. take up so much time, Cindy is a super dog-mom who works crazy long hours but still manages to keep up with her extensive pop culture knowledge, work out at 6 AM, and organize girls nights out. Cindy is a very accomplished young adult; she's my first friend who bought her own home! Cindy doesn't consider herself to be "artistic" at all, but she definitely has her own style. Check it out later this week! 

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