April 12, 2013

girl in the curious city


Chocolate Coconut Oil Topping - I might be a few years late but I just discovered coconut oil! When we were kids my mom would take us to the Torrance Del Amo Mall on the weekends to get chocolate dipped ice cream bars at the old fashioned ice cream parlor. I aim to recreate my childhood with this recipe.

Ad Hoc at Home - I can't afford French Laundry or Per Se right now, so this is the next best thing I hope.

Vivobarefoot - I hate wearing sneakers with socks in hot weather. These shoes are the perfect solution and they are good for your feet too.

Freezing Veggies - Such an everyday smart way to preserve food.

Lostine Necklace Holder - I first saw these beautiful leather hooks at Broome Street but didn't get them because I thought they were a bit pricey. So happy to see them on sale at Anthro! They speak to the cowgirl in me.


Macrame Planter - I'm not sure why I yearn for plants and planters so much when I have the blackest thumb on earth. Every plant I touch dies. However, I have a vision of a cluster of planters hanging from the ceiling in our bedroom. Sigh. Maybe I should resort to cacti.

Verna Flats - I have been having a hell of a time finding wedges in which I can walk to and from the subway station without crying. Of course, the one time I actually need shoes, I can't find the ones I need! However, oops, I accidentally stumbled upon these, and I will probably buy them after my next paycheck. I have been flirting with the idea of oxfords, but they're a tad bit too masculine for my style. (I have a complex with my masculinity!!! haha) I like these! They're a good hybrid, and they are leather, not pleather.

Magic Bullet - I used to have a Magic Bullet wannabe, that my mom gifted to me in college. She "borrowed" it (and never gave it back), but it's time for me to start up making smoothies again! I really like eating fruit and yogurt as snacks, so this will help me make delicious, quick snacks and meals. 

Sig Side Tables - After I totally ruined my coffee tables by attempting to reupholster them (don't ask), I've been looking for a similar side table combo that would serve as our coffee table. I can't get these out of my mind, but they're so expensive!! Decisions.... sacrifices... these side tables vs. 4 pairs of shoes....

Cordless Headphones - I am doing research on under $40, decent, cordless headphones, not earbuds that I can use at work. We're lucky because we're able to listen to music as we please in our workplace, but I noticed that using the earphones that came with my ipod causes me to crouch over in my chair, leading to bad posture, and neck and shoulder pain.

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