May 22, 2013

discover the curious city

Junette picked Community in Los Feliz for our lunch date. It is conveniently located along Hillhurst near the Steven Alan Outpost and other cute new shops. I've never heard of the restaurant so I had zero expectations, which perhaps added to the delight of the whole experience.

The concept of the restaurant, implied by its name, is to create a friendly communal environment. The three long tables are shared by all guests and the staff makes an effort to learn everyone's name. We chatted about books and photography with our dashing waiter, which at first seemed weird because I'm so used to being impersonal with strangers. But I welcome any chance at improving my interpersonal skills. Anyway onto the food...
I ordered the Cajun Whitefish Sandwich. At first I was worried it would be too spicy but it's not at all. It's very flavorful and tender. I really loved the added crunch of the onion ring in there too. I got a side of potato salad which was light and balanced the Cajun kick of the sandwich. A+
There was a substantial list of desserts but we had to try the Pistachio cake for novelty sake. My goodness they gave us a hefty slice. And my goodness the pistachio icing was perfect. Although I wanted to eat it all, the button on my skirt was threatening to pop, so we packed it up and I brought the rest home for my brother Wilson. I will go back for the Pistachio cake again, but only in my baggy sweats.

Oh, just another lovely sunny Saturday afternoon out to lunch. I know we are blessed here in LA to have such glorious weekend weather, but I hardly take advantage of it. Usually everything seems so far away because of the traffic, but the traffic will always be there and all the delicious foods out there won't eat themselves!

I originally picked Community in Los Feliz because I love discovering that area with Monica. She's introduced me to the Steven Alan Outpost and Best Fish Taco in Ensenada (yum yum yum yum). Also, I was intrigued that Community is able to make almost anything on their menu as a salad. I'm sorta kinda into being healthier (I say sort of because that's only when I'm not in the presence of baked goods).

Speaking of baked goods, everyone everywhere must try their pistachio cake!!! Based on the deliciousness of that slice, I can just tell their other cakes will be to die for. I had the OMG Lamb as a salad, and yes it was OMG good! Haha. Stop cringing.

I highly recommend Community, and I myself will definitely be back to enjoy the food, people, and ambiance. 

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