May 30, 2013

girl in the curious city

Tumblr has been in the news a lot lately so we thought we'd get in on the action too. Both of us started out blogging on Tumblr individually, Monica as Skinstories and Junette as Artschool, before we joined forces here. These days we use Tumblr to post random, personal, or inspirational stuff as well as to follow some of our favorite blogs below:

Npr news/culture
Hemsley & Hemsley food/health
Fash Gif fashion/humor
Vjeranski design/graphics
Who Wore it Better art/art criticism
Details Oriented by Shape+Space architecture/interior design

Inspiration: Maybe it's the place I am in my life right now, but the two things that inspire me the most are travel and graphics/patterns. Flight 001's tumblr is an amazing source of destination photos. In fact, I first learned about El Calafate through this tumblr, and we ended up going there on our honeymoon. I also find a lot of graphic design inspiration from one of the brands I really admire, Kate Spade.

Baseball: I like this Dodgers website because it goes beyond the usual "Official" Dodgers social media. Take this photo, for example, of Jackie Robinson. Similarly, Mighty Flynn posts pan-baseball material - all good things baseball.

Adorable Animals: Maddie On Things drives me crazy because Maddie is just the most adorable dog ever. Also, it makes me extremely jealous bc my dogs are bad bad bad dogs compared to Maddie. Do dinosaurs count as animals anymore? T-rex Trying is always good for a laugh.

Semi Literary: I love Letterheady for the fonts and the thrill of seeing how the rich and famous do mundane things like write letters. Better Book Titles is interesting, but way moreso when you "get" the cleverness of course. 

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