July 6, 2013

stories from the curious city

A few weekends ago, Antony drove me down to San Diego and forced me to be merry. It was actually nice to relax and let someone else plan a trip for once. The first day we wandered along the shores of La Jolla where we got acquainted with the local wildlife.
At dinner we sipped sangria and lingered the last moments of sunlight away alongside the most impressive spread of Italian food from Cucina Urbana. We concluded the night with the sweet taste of Extraordinary Desserts in hopes that it would bring us sweeter dreams, and it did. The next morning we explored Balboa Park before heading back home. San Diego was short and indeed sweet.

Last weekend, BDF and I went on a long-anticipated road trip along the Central Coast with our dogs. On the way up, we took the 101, stopping for brunch in Santa Barbara at the Scarlett Begonia. We overheard the waitress saying that everything there is made with love. Eyeroll!! But, that was early on in the trip, when we were still tired worker bees in need of a break and full of cynicism. We then stopped in San Luis Obispo for a quick hike, before we headed into Monterey. We stayed at Casa Munras, which was charming and comfortable enough. It's so pretty with bougainvillea growing over all the walls there. By the time we reached Monterey, we were hot and tired, and we went for some pizza instead of a nice dinner, but the pizza hit the spot!

The following day, we paid the $9.75 in toll to ride along the 17-mile drive to Carmel.
The drive really is beautiful, and you see plenty of the ocean and greenery. Smash posed for his facebook profile photo, and I thought BDF would crash the car because he kept his eyes on the golf courses, not on the road...

Carmel is supposedly the most dog friendly city! The beach there is lovely, and our dogs went crazy running around off leash. We wandered around the downtown area for a little bit and daydreamed about buying a summer home in Carmel.

On our return home, we took Highway 1 for the drive that I had been looking forward to for many months. Though towards the end, I was definitely feeling carsick, it was well worth the extra hour it added onto the trek home. I am glad we did the drive going south, because all the views of the coastline and water are monay in the bank. Did you know that such varied landscapes could be contained in just 88 miles? I never knew how diverse (and reminiscent of Hawaii) California could be. 

So the dogs could get their crazies out before the last portion of the trip, we stopped in Cambria for a short walk/hike. It wasn't a very strenuous hike - more like a walk, but the boardwalk was a nice touch and the views were killer. I loved this little detour, and now I ask myself why I live in the big city instead of a seaside town being the next John Steinbeck. 

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