July 13, 2013

girl in the curious city

I've been pretty frugal since I bought my car so that's why I went a little crazy when all the sales started happening. Anthropologie, Steven Alan, and Saturday together cured my shopping constipation.

Ever since my friend Josh made me watch Before Sunset, I've been obsessed with the black open back tank top that Julie Delpy wears throughout the movie. You can kinda see it in this picture. By the way I highly recommend watching the entire trilogy Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and the most recent Before Midnight. The movies really capture love and relationships at every age and stage in life, it's pretty uncanny. Anyway back to the tank top...so I found Kate Spade Saturday's version called the Sexy Back Top and I absolutely love it.

I never really got into the peplum trend for some reason. I think because I find peplum tops too cutesy and I'm trying to minimize the cute coefficient in my closet. These Ruffle Shorts I scored at the Steven Alan sample sale are by the New York brand Sea. They are subtly peplum which I can accept and I really like the graphic print.

Finally my favorite buy is the Linus Market Bag for my bike. I got it for half off on Anthro which is insane because I've never seen anything Linus makes marked down. The bag is essential since I ride my bike to Trader Joe's every week now and it surprisingly fits a ridiculous amount of groceries. It is also perfect for biking to the park for picnics.

If online shopping were a class, I would receive a big fat "F-". I'm sure some of my favorite online stores despise me and quiver in fear when I make a purchase for fear of my unrelenting return rate.

At the Zara summer sale, I managed to find a few items I liked: this printed dress, this jacquard top, and these cargo skinnies. I only kept the printed dress, and I'm not even sure if it counts because I gave it to my sister. So, that brought my success rate to 33%.
Right before Anthropologie's sale, I purchased five items with my birthday month discount. I was thinking, "Cha-Ching $$$" but then the sale happened and I cursed my bad luck. I bought this pretty blue dress, but it wasn't proportionate on my body. I bought these laser-cut patent leather sandals, but they were too big. I bought this white blouse, but it was too sheer. I did keep these bermuda shorts, and its ugly grandma gaudiness appeal to me. Doesn't it just look like something a very orange retiree would wear whilst on vacay in Florida? Love it, and I plan to wear it on my next vacation and embarrass BDF. Ha ha!!! My favorite buy is this striped skirt, which is soft, silky and swingy. I think 2 out of 5 is still a failing grade, but the skirt makes up for all the other purchases that didn't work out.

Whenever I wear the skirt, I feel like Carrie when she goes to Paris. I visualize the photo above, but actually looking at it now, the skirts are not very much alike.  Womp womp womp. However, I think the skirt helps me channel Carrie's fabulousness and confidence ; )

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