October 12, 2013

girl in the curious city

I only wear makeup on business trips, at weddings or for that rare girls night out. I do not have a makeup routine per se. I just use products in random combinations. Here's a list of the ones I like to use:

For the face I wear Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation in 50 Naturel mixed with my moisturizer of the moment Aesop Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream. Sometimes I'll add Korres Monoi Oil Bronzer in Sunglow Warm and Paul & Joe Face Color in Peach for a little bit of liveliness. To set everything and get the dewy finish I'll spritz a healthy amount of Fresh Rose Floral Toner all over my face.

For the eyes I use Stila Liquid Eyeliner for the upper eyelid and Paul & Joe Pencil Eyeliner in Aubergine for the lower lid. I curl my meager lashes with Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler and desperately try to thicken them with Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus. Unruly eyebrows get a grooming with the Elf Eyebrow Kit. For really special occasions I'll bust out the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

For the lips I swear by Korres Lip Butter in Plum. This is the one makeup item I actually wear on a regular basis because it is nourishing for the lips and subtle. I recently received the Tart Glamazon Lipstick in Fierce as a gift and boy is it fierce. It's really hard for me to pull off wearing such bright and bold lips. I look like a clown. Face it? I'm just not cut out for lipstick. Or keep trying? Any recommendations for less intimidating lipstick/colors?


Let's face it - I am a makeup SLACKER. Usually when I start at a new job, my makeup routine is ambitious (for me). Then it begins a sad downward spiral.

Day 1-90:
I decided that I wanted to have a fresh clean palette to match my new job. I knew that liquid foundation was the way to go because I could layer for full coverage or make it as sheer as I wanted. I bought Korres Quercetin and Oak Anti-ageing Foundation in 20 Golden Beige, which was the first time I found the perfect color for my skin. I used a cream blush from NYX in Tea Rose and added powder blush from Nars in Deep Throat on top. For my eyeliner, I changed it up every day between stick and eyeshadow from the NYX Smokey Eyes palette. I finally invested in Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base after rave reviews from just about everyone, and I layered random Clinique mascara samples on top. Finally, I drew in my eyebrows for a finished look using Tarte Emphaseyes for Brows in Brown.

Day 90-120:
I started to brown from the mean summer sun, and I finally had to switch over to a darker foundation I had lying around - Smashbox High Definition foundation in Light L3. I dropped the cream blush, and I alternated between no eyeliner but yes mascara and yes eyeliner but no mascara. I even still filled in my eyebrows.

Day 120-now:
Due to the walking I do during my commute, wearing foundation was making my skin very sweaty, unhappy, and reactive. These days, I don't wear any foundation and am letting my skin take it easy. On most days, I even forget to wear blush. However, I have been consistently wearing eyeliner from Clinique - Cream Shaper in 103 Egyptian (I know - politically uncorrect!!), mascara base and mascara. I really recommend the Clinique eyeliner because it smudges only a tiny bit, doesn't require eyeshadow base to last, has a slight shimmer to it, and is darkest brown but not black.

I am hoping to get back on the pretty face train soon though. I want to bring back the cream blush because I love the texture and also the durability. Also, I think the eyebrows need to come back because they really help make your face look like a million bucks. I am also planning to buy a new powder foundation when I am in Portland (tax-free!!!). Send any recommendations this way!

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  1. I had the same sweaty commute foundation face problem. I did some research and a lot of sites recommended an oil-free primer. I'm using the one from Smashbox and I think it's helping. I still sweat, obviously, but my makeup isn't melting off of my face or anything. Hahahahaha.

    If you go to Sephora they sell sample sized ones right by the counter. I think it's worth trying it out for a little bit.