September 29, 2013

girl in the curious city

Now that fall is upon us (although you can't really tell here in LA), we went a little click happy with end of summer sales and preparation for cooler weather.

Textile Elizabeth and James sweatshirt... I still live in my high school swim team sweatshirt racked with holes and stains. Maybe this pre-tattered ombre piece will put it into retirement. 

Ostwald Helgason collar... For those days I don't feel like wearing anything under my sweater. I personally hate wearing button downs under wool sweaters because it gets too itchy and bulky for me. But I like the preppy look of the crisp collar over the neckline. So this little guy is an ingenious solution.

Steven Alan scarf... A lightweight linen scarf for those not so frigid socal nights.

Anthropologie pompom belt... I was worried it would be too cutesy but it's actually quite elegant when wrapped around a flowy dress. 

Other items lingering in my shopping cart include a flannel shirt, a shirt skirt, and yet another sweatshirt.


1. sparkle dress from Target x Phillip Lim 3.1 collaboration
2. mini satchel in taupe from Target x Phillip Lim 3.1 collaboration
3. circle locket from Madewell
4. sparkle sweater from from Target x Phillip Lim 3.1 collaboration
5. black tote from Target x Phillip Lim 3.1 collaboration
6. patterned blouse from Asos 
7. parker dining table from West Elm
8. striped mini from Madewell

I took advantage of a few sales to rack up more than a few points on my credit card this month.

Madewell is having a sale on its sale! Use code: HELLOFALL. From Madewell's sale section, I was able to find a fun necklace and skirt. BDF saw the necklace and asked me if it was a pokeball... as in POKEMON. I couldn't stop laughing, and now that's all I can think of when I wear the necklace...

I also checked out Asos for the first time in a long time - they have so much stuff that it's almost painful to search through it all. I ended up returning all the pants I tried (I never learn my lesson), but I found a blouse with a beautiful pattern as well as a sweater dress (not pictured) to wear over leggings. My sister-in-law gave me something like ten pairs of leggings from her store, so I have been looking for long shirts and dresses I can wear in the autumn and winter.

I also learned how to stalk twitter in order to buy some awesome buys from the Target x Phillip Lim 3.1 collaboration. It's a crazy world out there, and I am light years behind in terms of technology... Due to some help from a kind friend, I was able to purchase the sparkle dress, sparkle sweater, and two purses before they even released the sale on the Target website. I found all the affirmation I needed when I saw that Marlien from Le Catch also bought the sparkle sweater!! I also am really happy with the purse purchases - they're not leather but they are well made and look relatively genuine. I gave my sister the large tote, and she was happy with it as well.

Finally, I know that this isn't technically a fashion purchase, but I bought our dining room some new accessories - actually just one. I found out a few months ago that BDF actually hates our dining table. He always humors me with my "vintage" purchases, but I guess he didn't like the scuffed up look of our wobbly table. After months of searching, I finally decided to use the rest of our wedding gift credits to buy a new table, just in time for the autumn and winter social gatherings! The 15% off dining sale is still on at West Elm, if you're interested.


  1. Hahahahah Pokeball! It does look like a pokeball... Sort of... Hehehehe.

    I saw these 2 events in my Goldstar email and thought of you guys. Maybe something to check out?

  2. Oops, here's the other link

  3. Thanks Sharon for sharing these events!