February 13, 2013

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DIY Wine Labels
I opted for ultra cheesy this year because I will be spending Valentines day with two guys. No it's not gonna be a hot and erotic night...but quite the opposite. Antony and I are taking a road trip up to Sacramento this week to visit some friends and family. One of the stops along the way is at our friend Edgar's house in San Francisco which happens to fall on Vday. We'll probably be sipping on these wines and playing Hell.
Ed's Love Juice and Antony's Love Potion...har har har.
The labels are super easy to make. Find the most sexually suggestive or themed wine bottle. With tracing paper, trace out the parts you want to keep which will get cut out of the label. For the text I used pages from the latest Anthropologie catalogue because it had pretty pink and red dress patterns. Glue everything together and you're set for some laughs and intoxication.
Mixtape CD Case
I have always vehemently hated Valentine's... when I was single, but I think years of suffering singledom gives me the right to rake in all the Valentine's sappiness I want! I also think it's my right as the #1 supporter of BDF to soak it all in without giving anything in return. Lots of underserved entitlement going on over here!

However, I can't let a holiday pass without giving just a little something. I like to make something special on Valentine's Day that doesn't cost a lot of money. This year, I made an eclectic love song mixtape for BDF along with a decorative case. I used the general shape and template I saw here but made a different design.

You can download the graphic here. Be sure to print it on legal size paper!

In case you're interested, here's the tracklist:
Around the Way Girl - LL Cool J
The Summer Wind - Madeleine Peyroux
You are the Sunshine of my Life - Stevie Wonder
Love You Like a Love Song - Selena Gomez
I Hear Music - Daniel Martin Moore
Crazy for You - Adele
Kiss is on My List - The Bird and the Bee
Somebody to Love - Queen
Nothing Can Change this Love - Otis Redding

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