February 7, 2013

at home in the curious city


Kitchen Nook - Construction Phase

I was physically tormenting myself and being highly inefficient by trying to saw all the 2x4 wood boards down to the 20 pieces of shelving by hand. A quick search on Google led me to Community Woodshop, a DIY woodshop with all the tools and knowledge you will ever need to build anything.
The design of the shelf has changed since the Detailed Design Phase because the 4 sides of the cavity in the wall are not perpendicular or perfectly straight. My original design was too unforgiving and inflexible for the given condition, and I obviously wasn't going to redo the drywall. The brothers that run the woodshop Scott and Bob helped me brainstorm through some alternative options and construction methods. They basically saved my project. The final design allows the cavity to do its wobbly thing and the shelf to play within its boundaries.
I haven't secured the shelf in yet because I can't decide if I want to leave the wood unfinished for that studio/natural look or if I want to stain it darker to match the wood flooring throughout the rest of the apartment. What do you think?

UPDATE: see finished DIY Shelves!
As I mentioned in my first post about the shelving in our closets, we installed Ikea Algot shelves. The shelves are working out perfectly, but I added a few additional organizing aides.

Okay, so more than a few. About $100 at Daiso for a whole bunch of organizing tools for our whole place.

Actually for the closets, I only really invested in nice baskets that happened to fit 3 across perfectly. We really needed the baskets to corral the items that can't be just place on a shelf - things like socks, underwear, and other underthings.

I felt SO fresh and clean after organizing everything into the baskets! I highly recommend adding shelving and organizing your closets if you want to partake in an extremely cathartic (and actually enjoyable - is something wrong with me?) experience.

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