December 31, 2013

girl in the curious city

Both boys/roommates in my life know that the sure way to get on my good side is through my belly. As one of the few Michelin star restaurants in LA, Providence has been on my wishlist for a while and now I can finally check it off. Mark Bittman - The Mini Minimalist cookbook set has super concise, no fuss recipes that I cannot wait to try.

My mom visited Russia before coming to stay with us. She gifted me this beautiful and intricate mirror that folds at the handle to sit perfectly on my vanity. And really happy to add this elegant jade bracelet to my growing jade collection courtesy of dad.
I need to wear hats more, they add flare to everyday drab. Junette drove through crazy LA traffic, or so she said, to acquire this absolutely gorgeous Goorin Bros fedora. And Antony's mom hand knitted me this super cute beanie which matches one she made for Antony. How barfing sweet right?

This year, the luster and excitement of receiving gifts for Christmas was slightly diminished because I was forced to break my cardinal rule of Not Opening Christmas Gifts Before Christmas for some gifts. Still, my Christmas haul was bountiful. How lucky I am!

1. Brooklyn Dodgers hat
2. New gym shoes from Run with Me
3. Dinner at a.o.c.
4. Harry Potter swag
5. Subscription to Domino Magazine
6. Air purifier

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  1. I took my mom to Providence for her 60th and it was definitely a grand experience. And air purifiers are AWESOME. I swear by mineee.

    I demand more updates as an avid secret reader! Hehehehehe.

    Oh and I read this article on Buzzfeed and I thought of you guys...